Who We Are

We are the Health Justice Working Group within the Twin Cities DSA. We are your local healthcare workers, community members, and neighbors.

What We’re Fighting For

  • Medicare For All
    • We need a healthcare system that prioritizes the health of working-class Americans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives. We need a single, universal system with comprehensive coverage that is free at the point of service.
    • We give our members tools to understand our current healthcare system and their role in it. We train our members in strategies and tactics to bring about a better healthcare system for all.
  • Protecting Healthcare Workers
    • The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced how vulnerable we leave our frontline healthcare workers. Our healthcare workers are not expendable.
    • We support healthcare workers to engage in labor actions towards building collective solidarity at work, bring attention to dangerous and inhumane working conditions, and organize to safeguard our frontline healthcare workers – the very people safeguarding our communities from COVID-19.
  • Our Right to a Healthy and Prosperous Life
    • We know the health of our community to extend far beyond just the healthcare system. We also know our collective health to be dependent on the health of community members most marginalized and disenfranchised by capitalism and white supremacy.
    • We organize across public sectors to promote health justice in every aspect of our lives. We fight for the livelihood of all our community members.

Get Involved

  • Interested in promoting health justice and democratic socialism? Tired of our healthcare system putting profits over people? Want to work towards making healthcare a human right?
  • Join us and start organizing! All are welcome! Our movement for health justice needs all of us; it needs you.
  • We meet monthly on alternating Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. All meetings are posted on the TCDSA calendar.