2022 Endorsement Process

The Twin Cities DSA Electoral Committee is conducting our endorsement process for the 2022 election cycle.

To maximize our impact on the State Legislature races this year, we have already conducted an initial round for these offices, and will maintain consistent treatment for state legislative candidates applying after the first round.

Candidates running for another office separate from the State Legislature begin their process by gathering motions of support from members and submitting questionnaires for consideration. We will also hold optional Q&A calls to allow members to engage with candidates seeking our endorsement.

Third Round Endorsements Timeline

Candidate submits interest form before deadline8/30/22
Candidate gathers 10 motions of support9/3/22 – 9/10/22
Candidate screenings 9/14/22 – 9/23/22
Endorsement meeting9/24/22
Voting period for candidates9/26/22 – 10/2/22

Third Round Candidates Seeking Endorsement

Office Being SoughtNameCompleted QuestionnaireQ&A Recording
Minnesota State House District 63ASamantha Sencer-MuraQuestionnaireQ&A Segment
Robbinsdale City Council Ward 4Aaron WagnerQuestionnaireQ&A Segment

Second Round Candidates Seeking Endorsement

Office Being SoughtNameCompleted QuestionnaireQ&A Recording
Ramsey County Commissioner District 6Mai Chong XiongQuestionnaireQ&A Segment
Minnesota State House District 66BAthena HollinsQuestionnaireQ&A Segment
US House of Representatives CD4Amane BadhassoQuestionnaireQ&A Segment

First Round Candidates Seeking Endorsement

Office Being SoughtNameCompleted QuestionnaireQ&A Recording
Minnesota State Senate District 62Omar FatehQuestionnaireQ&A Segment
Minnesota State Senate District 63Zaynab MohamedQuestionnaireQ&A Segment
Minnesota State Senate District 65Sheigh FreebergQuestionnaireQ&A Segment
Minnesota State House District 63AFabian BeanQuestionnaireQ&A Segment

Why Seek Endorsement?

Twin Cities DSA will ask hundreds of members to organize canvasses, phone banks, text banking, and more to help our endorsed candidates win their race! If you are endorsed, we will run an Independent Expenditure campaign for your election, raising and spending our own money to get you elected. We will work tirelessly to get you into office.

Our endorsements are meant to be more than a recommendation to our members to vote for a particular candidate. Instead, they are a commitment to fight to get that candidate elected and enact change, while helping to build the broader movement for socialism. Once you’re in office, we will engage with you and continue to push the policies and projects that helped propel you to victory!

Also Good to Know

If not endorsed: If it should happen that you don’t get endorsed, this will not prevent TCDSA members from working for your campaign, as long as nothing either you or they do would give the impression that TCDSA has endorsed you.

Building support for consideration with chapter members: As soon as your questionnaire is submitted, you can post on your own social media, ask in person, or ask other members to advocate for you in their networks! If you are also a member, you can ask your comrades on Slack, or other open channels, to support Twin Cities DSA considering your candidacy for endorsement.

More information will be here in the future.

Have questions? Please email electoral@twincitiesdsa.org.

Solidarity Forever!