Operations Committee Guide

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New: You can now submit calendar and social media requests in the #communications-requests channel in our Slack!

This guide outlines the ways you can request help from the operations committee.

What Does Ops Do? How Can I Help?

The Operations Committee works to help keep the chapter running smoothly. Ops assists with tasks like:

  • Helping with set up of general membership meetings
  • Running check in tables at membership meetings/managing Zoom or OpaVote for remote meetings
  • Preparing printed materials, like meeting packets, for membership meetings
  • Assembling and sending out the Little Red Letter, which is the chapter’s newsletter
  • Website related tasks
  • Assisting branches with tasks like setting up meetings or printing materials
  • Maintaining supplies for the chapter
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting and editing

Ops also has a list of people who can volunteer skills or equipment, and can work to connect those people with projects or branches who need help. Does your branch need help with research or making an infographic? Ops can help connect you to the right people. Do you need an event marshal? Ops can help you find one.

The best way to help the Operations Committee is to attend a meeting or to join the #operations slack channel to see if there’s a task or project you can help with. Ops meetings are generally held twice per month, with a call in option for anyone who cannot make it to an in-person meeting.

Finding space, scheduling meetings, & getting the word out on social media

You’re always welcome to schedule your own meetings, but sometimes it’s good to have help. The Operations Committee can help you find space for your meetings and make sure they’re scheduled so that they don’t conflict with any other meetings.

To request help finding a location to hold a meeting, please send an email to [email protected]. Include as much information as you currently have. For example: “The ____ branch would like to hold a meeting on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening in June. We’d prefer the location to be in Minneapolis and we expect about a dozen people to attend.” The Operations Committee will then provide some location options for you to further explore and book.

To get a meeting or event added to the TCDSA calendar, and to get social media posts created, please contact the communications committee in the #communications-requests channel in our Slack.

Getting things in the newsletter

The TCDSA Little Red Letter is sent out once a month, usually on the first Sunday. It’s a great way to call attention to a special event, project, or campaign that your Branch/Working Group/Interest Group/Caucus is working on. In order to submit something for inclusion in the newsletter, send an email to [email protected] or let us know in the #newsletter slack channel. Emails should include the full item you wish to submit, any graphics to be used, and the issue of the newsletter the item should be included in (ex: “the next issue only,” “every issue until the Sept. member meeting”)

Please note that all items submitted for inclusion in the newsletter is subject to editing and approval from the Steering Committee.

Sending emails to the chapter

Aside from the Little Red Letter and membership meeting notices, we try to send limited emails to our entire mailing list. Exceptions are generally only made for large events (like MayDay) or for very important announcements (like the kickoff for the Medicare for All campaign).

If you think you have something that qualifies for a special chapter-wide email, send an email to [email protected]. Include a link to a shared Google Doc that contains the complete text of the email you want to send, along with any graphics or attachments that need to be added. If there are time constraints (must be sent before X date, send after X event), note those as well.

Please note that requesting a special chapter-wide email does not guarantee that one will be sent. Emails are subject to approval from chapter co-chairs.

Equipment requests

The chapter has various pieces of equipment, ranging from tabling kits to a folding table and canopy to be used at outdoor events. We can also help track down equipment that we do not currently own to be used at events.

To request equipment to use at a meeting or event, please fill out this form.

Printing requests

The chapter has the ability to print materials for meetings, branches, and tabling opportunities as requested. When requesting printing services, please allow at least three days notice. If possible, please try to be judicious about your use of color (no color backgrounds or large images if possible). The chapter provides regular copy paper, so if you need alternative paper (colored paper, card stock), you will need to provide it.

In order to request printing services, please send an email to printin[email protected]. In your email, include: the branch/group requesting printing services, the date the materials are needed, how many copies are needed, contact information for whoever will collect the materials, and all files to be printed.

Graphic design work

The chapter is lucky to have many talented graphic designers and artists as members. As a result, you may be able to request assistance with graphics, posters, or other similar work.

To request help with graphic design work, please send an email to [email protected]. In your email, be sure to include as much information as you can: the branch/group requesting assistance, your ideas for the work, what you’ll use it for, the size it needs to be, and when it needs to be completed. If the work is event specific (ex: MayDay poster), please note that, too.

Requesting a TCDSA email address

Official TCDSA branches, committees, working groups, and caucuses are all eligible to have a @twincitiesdsa.org email address. This email address will be posted on the website along with your branch information. You are also able to use this email address to communicate with members of your group as you see fit.

In order to request an email address, please email [email protected]. In the email, please note the email address you’re requesting and if the email address should automatically forward to another address or if you’d like to log in directly.

It’s Not an Ops Thing, But…

How can I add something to a member meeting agenda?

You can email [email protected] with details of what you’d like to have added to the agenda. You can also discuss suggestions to meeting agendas at Steering Committee meetings or in the #steeringcommittee slack channel.

How can I ask to be reimbursed for a TCDSA expense?

Please fill out the reimbursement form here. You’ll need to submit your completed form, along with receipts, to the TCDSA Treasurer.

Am I allowed to set up social media accounts for my branch?

Yes! A lot of branches have Facebook groups and Twitter accounts.

Some best practices are:

  • Name your account something like TCDSA ____, so it can be easily found and identified as part of the chapter
  • Set your Facebook group settings to closed. This allows interested people to find your group, but not to see the posts within until they’ve joined.

Please be advised that Facebook is not a secure medium for organizing and be mindful that all posts should be considered visible to the public. For more information on data security, please see this memo.

How do I get approval to table at an event?

Send any information you have about the tabling opportunity to [email protected]. They will let you know if it’s approved.

Once the tabling opportunity has been approved, request a tabling kit from Ops, by filling out the equipment request form here.

You may also want to reach out to a related branch via Slack to see if they’d like to join you at the tabling opportunity.