Dues Waivers

As a member-funded organization, dues are an important part of keeping DSA running — and building power for a socialist future. Dues also support the organizing efforts of local chapters like Twin Cities DSA, both via direct contributions to the chapter and through dues sharing from the national organization.

That said, DSA wouldn’t exist without the people that devote their time and labor to the organization, many of whom can’t afford to contribute dues to the organization. Twin Cities DSA is committed to including anyone and everyone who wants to act in solidarity to defeat capitalism and build a society that’s truly free and equal.

That’s why DSA’s bylaws (Article II, Section 2) explicitly allow new members to waive dues for just cause, including low-income and/or a large number of dependents. While we certainly encourage comrades to pay dues if they’re able to do so, we don’t want dues to be a barrier to joining DSA.

To request a dues waiver, please fill out this form.

Alternatively, if the form above is gone for whatever reason, follow these instructions:

  1. Email membership@dsausa.org, using the subject line “Request to Waive Membership Dues.” It’s best to use the email account you want to sign up with.
  2. Ideally, provide your preferred name, address, telephone number, and the chapter you want to join. (For example, Twin Cities DSA.) At minimum, please provide your name, email, and the zip code of your address.
  3. It’s a good idea to cc the chair or co-chairs of the chapter you want to sign up with, but it’s not necessary. Letting the chairs know about your request helps them follow up with membership, though!

It may take a few days or even a few weeks to get confirmation of your membership. But don’t worry: you can still attend DSA meetings, events, and anything else without being an official member. The only significant restriction is that you can’t vote on official organizational decisions.

Please email chairs@twincitiesdsa.org if you have any questions!

In solidarity,
Rita A. and Tim S. (co-chairs, Twin Cities DSA)